Our Rich Legacy
Sultan-ul-Uloom Education Society was founded on the rich tradition of culture, enterprise and sound values, characteristic of the founding members - each an accomplished and successful individual in his own right. Motivated by a strong desire to provide students of diverse social and cultural backgrounds with the opportunity to enjoy quality education that would eventually lead to the upliftment of society as a whole, the Society offers education in various disciplines, ranging from Engineering and Technology to Business Administration, Law, Pharmacy and more.

Sultan-ul-Uloom Education Society was established in 1980, and since then has been performing a vital service to students. Through each of its institutions the Society offers individuals the opportunity for a well rounded education, in the discipline oftheir choice,while equipping them with all the skills required to function as responsible members of society and face the many challenges associated with the continuallyevolving industrial and economic scenario.

Today there are over 11000 students enrolled in various institutions run by the Society. Spread over a sprawling campus, the complex houses, Muffakham Jah College of Engineering & Technology, Ghulam Ahmed College of Education ,Amjad Ali Khan College of Business Administration, Sultan-ul-Uloom College of Law,Sultan-ul-Uloom College of Pharmacy, Sultan-ul-Uloom Junior College and Sultan-ul-Uloom Public School, Sultan-ul-Uloom School (Falaknuma Branch),Sultan-ul-Uloom School (Syed Ali Chabutra Branch), Sultan-ul-Uloom School (Golkonda Branch)

Founder Members (Visionaries )

The Board of Governors

01 Mr. Khan Lateef Mohammed Khan Chairman
02 Mr. Mohammed Waliullah Vice-Chairman
03 Mr. Zafar Javeed Hony. Secretary
04 Mr. Nisar Ahmed Joint Secretary
05 Dr. Mir Akbar Ali Khan Treasurer
06 Mr. Ibrahim Ali Siddiqui Member
07 Mr. Syed Abdul Wahab Member
08 Mr Naseem Nathani Member
09 Mr Mohd Jafer Member
10 Mr Khairuddin Ali Khan Member