Mr. Parneet Singh Sachdev IRS, Commissioner, Income Tax

“An eye-opening learning for me. Brilliance in design, structure and implementation. Humbled.”

Dr. Hassan Eisa El Talib Ambassador of the Republic Of Sudan, India

“I am so happy and proud to be here today with the best college and staff of this prestigious institution. I hope our cooperation will be more fruitful in the mutual benefits of both India and the Sudan.”

Mr. Faisal Al Zamel Islamic Development Bank

“It is a pleasant day for me to visit Sultan-ul-Uloom Education Society, were the efforts done for the new generation is extremely important and may Allah Almighty bless all our brothers & sisters who are spending a lot of efforts to bring this institution to the highest level of efficiency and success.”

Admiral L. Ramdas

“Delighted to be here. Thank you.”

Lt. Gen. Y. N. Sharma

“A very stimulating experience. Thank you for your kind invitation and hospitality. Much impressed.”

Lt. Gen. Zameer Uddin Shah

“It was a wonderful experience being amongst people serving the cause of education.”

Dr. Farooq Abdullah

“Fantastic college run with dedication. Kindly keep it up. May Allah help you out in your difficulties.”

Mr. Edward Dawey

“Thank you for your hospitality and welcome. I am impressed by your college and your ambitions for the students.”

Mr. Rashad Hussain

“Thank you for inviting me to your university! I was truly inspired by all of the brilliant students here. I hope to see you all again.”