Steps to join G-suite classroom for students

Step 1 – Download the spreadsheet sent by college

Step 2 – Open browser and type G suite login, Gsuite login page will open

Step 3 – Open the Spreadsheet downloaded in Step 1 and locate your name. Copy your gsuite email ID with the college domain name and paste or enter in Gsuite login browser.

Step 4 – password to login in Gsuite is also provided in the spreadsheet sent by college.

Step 5 – Go to inbox you will receive invite from faculty to join the class…join the class following time table and click on google meet link available in GSuite Classroom




G Suite is being used by faculty to empower learning with flexible, easy to use tools to communicate and collaborate with students and to manage E-classrooms.

Name of the Staff Member Email Address
Prof. Shehbaz Ahmed
Prof T. Sudha
Dr. Rahela Tabassum
Dr. Naiymunnisa Begum
Hima Bindu
Archana K
Syed Ather Hasan
Dr. Abdur Rahman
Mirza Rafatullah Baig
T. Raghaveni
Farisa Sultana
Maqbool Mohiuddin
Ashita Waghray
Dr. Rukhsana Khalid
Rasheeda Shums
Dr. Abdul Nayeem
Abdul Lateef
Teenat Fatima
Asif Hussain Syed
Azra Banu