Steps to join G-suite classroom for students

Step 1 – Download the spreadsheet sent by college

Step 2 – Open browser and type G suite login, Gsuite login page will open

Step 3 – Open the Spreadsheet downloaded in Step 1 and locate your name. Copy your gsuite email ID with the college domain name and paste or enter in Gsuite login browser.

Step 4 – password to login in Gsuite is also provided in the spreadsheet sent by college.

Step 5 – Go to inbox you will receive invite from faculty to join the class…join the class following time table and click on google meet link available in GSuite Classroom



G Suite is being used by faculty to empower learning with flexible, easy to use tools to communicate and collaborate with students and to manage E-classrooms.

Name of the Staff Member Email Address
Prof. Shehbaz Ahmed
Prof T. Sudha
Dr. Rahela Tabassum
Dr. Naiymunnisa Begum
Hima Bindu
Archana K
Syed Ather Hasan
Dr. Abdur Rahman
Mirza Rafatullah Baig
T. Raghaveni
Farisa Sultana
Maqbool Mohiuddin
Ashita Waghray
Dr. Rukhsana Khalid
Rasheeda Shums
Dr. Abdul Nayeem
Abdul Lateef
Dr. S M Wasiullah
Teenat Fatima
Asif Hussain Syed
Azra Banu